Product Distribution and Field Services

Natural Resources and Energy

Logistic Services and Infrastructure

Vision & Mission

Our Vision & Mission serves as guidance in achieving harmonious perfection of business conduct, while upholding sustainability, and perpetual growth throughout all fronts, aiming at becoming the market leader.


  • Trading and Distribution

    Distinctively accommodate solutions with diverse range of products and services that has been excelled to the finest result.

  • Natural Resources and Energy

    Delivering strong and consistent production through focus on economic growth and environmental stewardship, while maintaining accountability and strong performance

  • Logistics and Infrastructure

    Professionalism, efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy; the basis of our encounter in logistics and infrastructure as a preferred entity on ground, air, and sea.



  • People

    It's the core of our business, the source of solidity, professionalism, and accountability. Nurturing each soul, producing winning individuals who stand fast as Sefas' fundamental. Entrench firm roots in long-term relationship with partners, suppliers, and customers

  • Portfolio

    Put forward and extensive range of essential products and services of the best quality, ensuring deliverability and satisfaction to the fullest extent.

  • Profit

    Economy driven to achieve profit maximization, sustainable growth with proven track record, and to ensure confidence and credibility to stakeholders at large.

  • Productivity

    Safeguarding a smart and efficient organization, maintaining productivity at maximum level, preserving the best possible output and execution in any circumstances.

  • Culture

    Shaping and implementing corporate culture of Accountability, Integrity, and Excellence throughout all members of Sefas family.